Business Directory is the world's largest marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of internet marketing services for importers and exporters. It's the place, where buyers and suppliers find opportunities for trading and move their business forward on the Internet. Our directory is not a rading company but rather an online business platform that allows you to seek or post information to find prospective partner companies. To find out more, please check out our website.

Is your company a seller?

Please be sure that our company is neither a trading organization nor manufacturer, we only provide a business information platform for buyers and suppliers all over the globe so they could cooperate. Consequently, we don't supply our members with the products directly. The business directory of Hospital Furniture has many offers from the companies worldwide, located in following categories: Folding Furniture, School Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Wooden and Panel Furniture.

If you like to purchase some goods, please notify the suppliers and consult the business details with them. You can find how to find the products you need and communicate with the seller using contact form.

Can your company provide shipping service?

Business Directory is not a trading company or a producer and we are not involved in transactions between our members. If you find interested buyers on our site, just get in touch with the buyer to organize delivery and delivering terms. The business directory of Luggage and Travel Bags has many offers from the companies worldwide, located in following categories: Computer Bags, Cell Phone Bags and Cases, Tool Cases and Bags, Handbags, Wallets and Purses.

Can your company provide a guarantee for my transaction?

No. Business Directory is an Internet-based platform for carrying out business deals and informational support between buyers and suppliers. Business Directory is never involved in the trade operations between our associates and does not guarantee any transactions.

What is Buying Requests?

Buying Requests are wanted ads or purchase requests placed on the Internet by buyers. Buying Requests are an invitation from buyers to sellers to send their quotes for supplying the buyer with the goods they are interested in.

If it's hard for you to find the right products and suppliers, post a Buying Request on Business Directory. A lot of our sellers demonstrate a lot of of their products on the internet ; however they don't always present their complete range of products. Buying Requests allow you to to advise the suppliers of the exact goods you're willing to purchase, so only the suppliers with the right types of products make contact with you.

When you place your Buying Requests, you can specify the most convenient method to contact you or hide your company details not to attract unnecessary attention.

What is a Product?

Products on Business Directory refer to products listed by our supplier members in product listings and their Online Showrooms. Products contain pictures of goods to give the buyers a clue about how the product looks like. Product catalogues have no date of expiry and can be viewed online 24/7 the whole year. Showing Products on Business Directory is still the best way to attract new buyers.